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GORUCK Carryology Kaidan 34L GR2 v2.0 – Review

GORUCK and Carryology have teamed up again to release a set of very slick (pun intended) rucks. Part of the lineup included the GORUCK Carryology Kaidan 34L GR2 v2.0.

Here’s our take on this beautiful ruck.

GORUCK Carryology Kaidan 34L GR2 v2.0 Video Review

Kaidan v2.0 GR2 Overview

GORUCK Carryology Kaidan 34L GR2 v2.0 was initially released in 4 colors: Black, Olive, Coyote, and Orange.

Built around the traditional 34l GR2, the Kaidan 2.0 sports a super lightweight and durable X-pac material (X-pac is only on the Black and Coyote) and loses the molle.

The removal of the molle make this a super clean looking ruck and allows the diamond pattern of the material to really show off.

On the outside, the ruck replaces the traditional zipper and fabric flap with YKK Aquaguard zippers. These zippers are not only waterproof, but they make for an incredibly quiet and smooth zipping experience.

On the inside of the ruck, your eyes are greeted (burned?) by high viz orange. A great addition for low light situations when you’re digging through your bag, it certainly give a pop.

As with the traditional GR2, there are two compartments. The first compartment has multiple pockets for you to stow gear.

The second compartment loses the mesh pockets of the traditional GR2, but does retain the molle and back pocket.

On the back of the ruck there is a laptop compartment protected by an adequate framesheet.

The Kaidan 2.0 also comes with a quick access pocket. I’m more and more convinced that every GORUCK bag needs one of these. I love them!

Finally, the Kaidan GR2 v2.0 comes with two leather handles, one on the top and one on the bottom. I’m not sure I get the need for the bottom one. I would rather have one on each side instead.

Kaidan v2.0 GR2 Review

My wife has an old-school 34L GR2 that she carries regularly. I let her use the Kaidan 2.0 for a few weeks. Her initial reaction was “It feels kinda like plastic” and “the pattern is kinda weird.” Other than that, she said the bag performed well for her duties as a co-op teacher. In the end, she decided to switch back to her old GR2… which is a win for me…

It is a win for me because I think this is a freakin sexy bag. I LOVE the clean esthetic of having the mole gone. The diamond pattern on the coyote makes for one of the best looking GORUCK bags I own. Add in the durability of the x-pac, the smooth zipper action, and the elegant pop of the leather handle and I’m a happy man with this bag.

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