When will ____ be in stock? What about ___ color? We’ll do our best to keep track of all the updates we see on social media and keep you up-to-date on when you can expect to drain your bank account once again.


OFFICIALLY on pre-sale. $325 until July 17. $425 after that.

Hoping to get it released in November 2017.

Click here to see if the GR3 is on GORUCK.com yet.

June 20 – Going to production in 2 weeks.

Women’s Clothing Line

Women’s line of GORUCK apparel is tentatively launching in 2018.

GOURCK Kids Rucks

Back in stock sometime in 2018.

Click to check GORUCK.com for Kids Rucks.

Pink Rucks

No plans to bring it back. Womp, womp 🙁

Patriot Rucker

No plans for a re-release.

Rucker Redesign

There may be a redesign of the Rucker and possibly multiple sizes.


May never coming back.

Steel Color Rucks

Looks like a new color “steel” is coming in Aug/Sept 2017. See last reply below.

Also confirmed by Goad. (See minute 4:33 of video in Tigerstripe below.)

Tiger Stripe

Jason says it is in the works.

Goad says there’s a chance. No timeline.

Goad says “as long as sample comes back good, there will be a pre-order with hopes for Christmas.” (Minute 4:33) also, listen to minute 5:17 for the “ifs.”

Woodland Rucks

Goad says Woodland is coming back (minute 4:33 in the video above.)


Goad “Lots of new stuff in apparel.” (minute 4:33 in the video above.)

Challenge Shorts, 5.5″ Simple Shorts, and V2 of Simple and Challenge Pants. All coming soon.

Padded Hip Belts

Got any more info or leads on upcoming rucks and/or colors? Drop them in the comments with a link and I’ll update the post.