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Best GORUCK Cadre

One of the things that make GORUCK events so amazing are the Cadre. All GORUCK Cadre are either current or former members of the special forces and their lessons, leadership, and beat-downs are one of the things that bring people back again and again for GORUCK events.

But, is there a “best” cadre in the GORUCK ranks? Well, we might not be able to call them the “best,” but according to our 2017  “Best of Rucking” survey, our readers say the men below are their favorite Cadre.

We asked “who is your favorite Cadre?” and followed up with “In one sentence, explain why.” Here’s what they say:

#1 Cadre Flash

Click to learn more about Cadre Flash.

Why do they love Flash?

  • He crushes souls with a smile.
  • One word: Passion.
  • Cool & fun but can put the beat down on ya.
  • He was my first, and you always remember your first.
  • Attitude.
  • Great energy.

#2 Cadre Dan

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Why do they love Cadre Dan?

  • Because he crushed my soul.
  • “What Are Your Questions At This Time?”
  • He’s fuckin’ awesome!
  • Motivation.
  • He’s the only cadre I’ve ever had.

#3 (tie) Cadre Rooney, Cadre Garret, Cadre Cleve


Why do they love about Cadre Rooney?

  • His motivation and positive attitude.
  • He challenges the crew without making it impossible.
  • Taught the most and learned the most from him.
  • He can test you physically but still teach skills at the same time.
Click to learn more about Cadre Garrett.

Why do the love Cadre Garrett?

  • He gives the quintessential GORUCK experience.
  • Has a great sense of knowledge and experience!
  • Best at Charming the Snake Material.
  • He is my ruck club’s spirit animal.
Click to learn more about Cadre Cleve.

Why do they love Cadre Cleve?

  • He pushed us to be better and made sure we understood the reason behind it.
  • Superior motivator – tough but fair.
  • Sets the standard and then holds you to it.
  • He’s a badass and hurts us.

Honorable Mention:  Cadre Brian Squared, Cadre Machine, Cadre JC

Click to learn more about Cadre Brian Squared.

Why do they love Cadre Brian Squared?

  • Motivated me to get through my first tough.
  • He is awful, but if you survive you’ll love him forever.
  • Because you meet a special woman named Sally.
Click to learn more about Cadre Machine.

Why do they love Cadre Machine?

  • Something, something, rope bridge.
  • He smiled at me once!
  • Learned a lot (rope bridges).


Click to learn more about Cadre JC.

Why do they love Cadre JC?

  • Funny, Informative, Tough.
  • He connected with us on a personal level.

These are just a hand-full of the amazing Cadre that lead GORUCK events. To see a full list of Cadre and learn more about them, check out the GORUCK Cadre page.

So, what do you think? Did the readers get it right? Was your favorite cadre left off the list? Use the comment section below to let us know.

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