GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp Review – Ongoing and Updated

For years the GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp has been one of the harder pieces of GORUCK gear to get ahold of. While initially priced in the $20 range, as of late 2020 they could be seen selling for well over $200. (Which is why I’ve never seen or owned one).

Thankfully, GORUCK finally put them back in production and released this in November 2020. Also, thankfully, the price point remained $20.

GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp Review Video

Check out the video below as I walk through the features of the GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp.

My Thoughts on the GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp

As someone quipped on the GORUCK Tough Page, “It is just a pencil holder, people.”

And, yeah, sure, it is just a very simple carrying case and at this point in my life I could have probably picked up a very similar product from Rogue Fitness or probably on Amazon. But… I haven’t.

That said, GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp is a super functional piece of gear and I’m excited to finally have one.

In the review video above I loaded it with my back-up battery, iPhone charge, couple of pens, headphones, wires, and a multi-tool. It all fits great and is all the stuff I’d need to “grab.” Having it all in the Mini Wire Dopp simply keeps it organized and easy to find in my ruck.

Honestly, at $20 this is a terrific buy. I can already tell that it is going to get a lot of use in my EDC.

Questions about the GORUCK Mini Wire Dopp?

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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