Ruck.Beer T-Shirts

I recently made some new friends. They run

We got to talking and they offered to run a Ruck.Beer T-Shirt sale for me. I thought it sounded cool, so I said sure.

Shirts are pre-order only through 2/15/21. After that, they’ll go to production and Mudgear will ship them to you in early March.

The price is $19. You can order here.

I chose $19 because every time I see a $25 t-shirt I freak out and think, “Who is paying $25 for a t-shirt?!?!?” So, I asked them to set the price at $19 and they said cool.

Of course, there’s a shipping fee, but if you toss some other gear in your cart shipping can be free.

Anyway, if you want a Ruck.Beer t-shirt, grab one now. We may or may-not do this again some time soon.

And, hey, might as well get one of these cause as much as you cross your fingers that Ruck.Beer patch just keeps not showing up in your mailbox.

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