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A Short Simple Simple Short Review

As Summer approached I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a pair of GORUCK Simple Shorts. Having already expressed my love for Simple Pants, I was hopeful that the Simple Shorts would not just live up to the hype, at $90 I hoped they’d live up to the price tag.


I’ve worn my Simple Shorts for a couple months now. Testing environments include 5 days rucking around a Universal Studios, riding around town on a hot muggy day in a truck with no A/C, and kicking it on the sidelines of numerous soccer games.

The Good

I love Simple Pants. Simple Shorts are simply Simple Pants that are cut off above the knee. It is that… (sorry) simple.

So, from a materials, fit, and function standpoint, I love them. They move well, are very light, and water (or spilled coffee) rolls off them like they’ve been coated with some magic voodoo water repellant.

Along with the above, I love that they sit a little high above the knee. My wife vetoed my request for the 5.5″ shorts (no longer on the site), so I was happy that the Simple Shorts allow for at least some of my glorious thighs get to see the sky.

As for waist size, the fit is true. I’m a 31 and the 32’s fit just a tad lose.

The Relative

I don’t have Hulk thighs, but at the same time, I don’t skip squat day. The Simple Shorts do feel like they have the potential to be tight on those who have thicker legs. It is fine by me, but if you’re wanting loose and flowing shorts, you might not be happy with these.

The Price

I’m cheap. It took me forever to drop the coin for the Simple Pants. However, once I did, I was convinced they were worth the price.

When it came to the Simple Shorts, it was really hard to get past the sticker shock. At $90 they are 3-times more than I’d ever paid for a pair of shorts.

For me, now that I’ve had them for several months, I’d say that I would probably not buy them again at that price point. I love them and wear them almost every day, but I don’t love them at $90.

That said, if you have the discount or they ever go on sale, then I’d jump on them for sure. The closer they get to that $60 range, the more reasonable they seem to me.

The Verdict?

If you have Simple Pants and like them, you’ll like Simple Shorts. If you don’t have Simple Pants… uh… buy a pair because they’re awesome.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Simple Shorts, you just need to figure out your price point threshold is for buying a pair of shorts. When they hit that number, pull the trigger. You’ll be happy you did.

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