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10 Questions with a GRT – Buddy Iafrate

Welcome back to our latest installment of 10 Questions with a GRT, featuring our friend and yours, Buddy Iafrate (thanks Buddy!).  If you’d like, you can check out previous interviews with some of your favorite GRTs.  Also, feel free to let us know in the comments if you are enjoying these (or not), have suggestions for improvement, or have a particular question you’d like to see added for future GRTs.  Thanks for reading! Hi Buddy – tell us a little bit about yourself to get things rolling . . . I’m Buddy, recently (literally in the middle of this...

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10 Questions with a GRT – Babette Griffith (aka Babs)

Welcome back to the latest installment of 10 Questions with a GRT, our chance to get to know YOU, the GRTs, one question at a time. Some serious, some not so serious, but hopefully all (almost) as fun as being under a log with a complete stranger! This time we welcome Babette Griffith, also known as BABS! A new resident of Jacksonville, FL (which she loves), Babs has 2 dogs and a 22-year old in college. She loves GORUCK, golf, running, diving the waves, Bud Light, and socializing with friends. She has been in advertising for 28 years, with...

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10 Questions with a GRT – Josh Brooks

We all have a story of how and why we got here, and what drives us forward.  From the Gods to the Gray Men, 10 Questions With A GRT is our collective opportunity to get to know you, the GORUCK Community, better. We hope you’ll come along for the ride. Our premiere installment features Josh Brooks, who finally won a raffle (that he didn’t knowingly enter) by being chosen as our test subject. Josh is known as “Gumby” to many GRTs, “Snuggie Bear” to Team Forged, and just plain Brooks to most everybody else. He lives in Dawsonville, GA...

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GORUCK Glossary

AAR – After Action Report. Written by GRTs after event completion to scare, prepare and/or impress other GRTs, but mostly that last part. AAR Directory – online directory on Ruck.Beer with links to all kinds of GORUCK AARs from around the interwebs. ACRT – Advanced Cellular Repair Technology; aka Beer; see also Bud Heavy. Admin – pre-event activity where Cadre take headcount/roll call, conduct gear inspection, and lull you into a false sense of comfort before your world is turned upside down. Also, your last chance to quit without anyone knowing. Ascent – a 3-day GORUCK event featuring mountain...

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GORUCK Training

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