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GORUCK Status Tracker

When will ____ be in stock? What about ___ color? We’ll do our best to keep track of all the updates we see on social media and keep you up-to-date on when you can expect to drain your bank account once again. GORUCK GR3 Hoping to get it released in November 2017. June 20 – Going to production in 2 weeks. GOURCK Kids Rucks Back in stock sometime in 2018. Pink Rucks No plans to bring it back. Womp, womp¬†ūüôĀ Steel Color Rucks Looks like a new color “steel” is coming in Aug/Sept 2017. See last reply below. Tiger...

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Pushing Past Comfort

Me and the family took a quick 3-day vacation to visit the in-laws in Myrtle Beach this week. As I contemplated how I’d train over the few days we were gone, I considered reaching out to the Crossfit gym in town. But I didn’t really want to shell out the coin. I figured I’d grab my sandbag and just do some suffering on my own. Then, I remembered an email I got from a reader¬†that had won one of our patches a few months ago. He was in Myrtle Beach and had invited me to put in some...

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It is official. GORUCK GR3 exists and is coming in 2017. Jason,¬†CEO of GORUCK, dropped a teaser video on the GORUCK Tough Page. Here’s what we know. The GR3 is big. In fact, a 40L GR2 fits in it with plenty of room to spare. On the exterior, the GR3 has compression straps and a side handle. The GR3 also has a padded waist belt. The waist belt is removable. The interior front panel has 3 pockets. The GR3 also has a laptop compartment. According to Jason, it is “99% done.”According to Jason, the pricing will “not be too...

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GORUCK + Ingress = Operation Clear Field

GORUCK has partnered with the company that makes Pokemon GO and Ingress to launch a new Ingress series called “Operation Clear Field.” Billed as a “Service-themed scavenger¬†hunt with competitive¬†Ingress gameplay,” the new offering from GORUCK continues their commitment to community service. Each team is given a list of objectives, which can include Ingress portals, and “your team then strategically plans to earn the most points and explore the best spots around – Ingressing and Instagramming and earning “Cool Points” as you go.” Of course, this is a competition, so the winning team gets a gold patch, the second place...

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GORUCK Selection Finishers and AARs

Below is a list of all GORUCK Selection classes and finishers. Where available we have included links to AARs and other coverage of the people and events. GORUCK does not provide an official class list of finishers, so this list was cobbled together by the collective knowledge of the interwebs and the nerds over on the Tough Page. If you have any corrections or additions, please leave them in the comment section. Selection Class 000 Location: St. Augustine FL Class Size: 18 Finisher(s): Greg Stroud, Matt Francev, Templeman, Mark Webb, Olaf Dallner, Etters, Mike Knaisch, and Guinn Selection 000 Finisher AARs:...

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