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GORUCK is Finally Releasing a Tiger Stripe Ruck!

Perhaps the most requested colorway in the history of GORUCK has been Tiger Stripe.

Around a year ago (if memory serves) Jason weighed in and basically said it was never going to happen because they can’t find and authentic Tiger Stripe Cordura.

Well, the internet seems to have a new story to tell.

GORUCK Confirms Tiger Stripe Ruck

We first heard of a Tiger Stripe ruck when Medic34802 posted on Reddit an email received from GORUCK regarding a mixup where GORUCK sold his/her GR2 preorder.

In the email that he posted, we noticed that GORUCK indicated that 80 Tiger Stripe GR2 26L are scheduled to arrive in March.

Photo of GORUCK Tiger Stripe GR2

Shortly after this email was posted, there was some online chatter about the Tiger Stripe. Then, in Reddit and on several other GORUCK groups, a magical picture appeared showing Emily McCarthy sporting a Tiger Stripe GR2 (we can only assume a prototype of the March shipment). We can tell it is a GR2 because of the 2 rows of zippers.

More Tiger Stripe Ruck Questions and Speculation

I’m not sure how much more proof is needed, but it seems certain that GORUCK will be dropping a Tiger Stripe GR2, hopefully in March. That said, GORUCK has not been great at hitting shipping deadlines they put out. So, I’d adjust your expectations to “some time in 2022.”

While Joe is correct in his estimation that the 80 Tiger Stripe GR2s will sell out the day they release, the bigger question is, “will there be other rucks in Tiger Stripe?”

At the moment, we don’t have any leads or information, but I’ve got to think that if GORUCK found a Tiger Stripe they really like they’ll most certainly be looking to release more rucks in the colorway.

What do you think? Excited about the Tiger Stripe GR2? Want to see the colorway in a different ruck? Sound off in the comments below.

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