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Official GORUCK Gear Drop Dates

Wowzers! Jason just dropped the entire December gear drop list on Reddit.

The dates on the image are the ETA in the warehouse. Expect 2+ days till on the website (assuming the stuff arrives on time).

Things we knew were coming:

Things I wasn’t expecting include:

  • Coyote Rucker 3.0 (Dec 2) I might be grabbing this.
  • Coyote Ruck Plate Carrier (Dec 4)
  • GORUCK Logo Watch (Dec 15)
  • Claymore Sling (Dec 24) Confession, I have no idea what this is. (edit: Digging around the google, this may be something like an over the shoulder satchel.)
  • 500D 15L bullet (Dec 24)

Missing in action:

That said, here’s the full list:

Thoughts? Anything you’re excited about or disappointed not to see?

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