GORUCK Selection Finisher Interview with Mark Klemm #35 | Part 1

In October 2016, Mark Klemm (Roster #35) completed the 48 hour crucible known as GORUCK Selection. Billed as the toughest endurance event in the world, Selection’s average pass rate is less than 5%. Mark is now part of that 5%.

Throughout the Selection event, the GORUCK Cadre commented on live Facebook Feeds that they had rarely seen anything like the performance that #35 was putting on.

It was during one of these live feeds that Mark famously said, “I finished Selection the day I signed up for it.”


After putting on such an amazing show of both physical and mental endurance, and laughing my ass off at almost everything that came out of his mouth, I really wanted to learn more about this guy. Where did this guy come from? How did he train? What enabled his mind to overcome the extreme physical difficulty his body was facing?

So, I interviewed him.

I initially told Mark that I thought it would take 30 minutes. But, the interview ended up being over an hour long.

Since I’m sure that most of you are going to be watching this while you should be doing something else, like working, I broke the interview up in to 3 parts.

Today, in Part 1 of the interview, I chat with Mark about his background, how he ended up at Selection, and what his training was like leading up to the event. Topics include projectile vomiting, Muay Thai (check out his gym), how much walking sucks, Wayne’s World, his family, and not going to Harvard.

PS – After you’re done, watch GORUCK Selection Interview Part 2. Also, check out our GORUCK AAR Directory which includes a link to Mark’s personal Selection AAR. Or, go here if you need a good laugh.

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