GORUCK Selection Finisher Interview with Mark Klemm #35 | Part 2

“If you think you’re gonna finish, you’re not gonna finish. You gotta know.”
~ Mark Klemm

Mark Klemm, Roster 35, was the only person from Class 018 to complete GORUCK Selection. In our first GORUCK Selection video with Mark he shared a little bit about his background and the intense training he subjected himself to in preparation for Selection.

In this video Mark takes us into the 48 hour of Selection. From the Welcome Party (Mark – “The Welcome Party was my favorite part”) to the Shark Attack (Mark – “You can’t let yourself think that it is almost over.”), Mark talks about the good, the bad, and what he thinks should be changed about Selection.


If GORUCK Selection is on your radar, Mark offers a lot of great insight to help you prepare for your own event, not the least of which is, “You gotta F’n win everything.”

For the rest of us #NotTrainingForSelection… Grab a beer and enjoy the interview.

PS – Here is Part 1 of our interview and here is Part 3 once you’re done with 1 & 2. After you’re done, be sure to check out our GORUCK AAR Directory which includes a link to Mark’s personal Selection AAR. Or, go here if you need a good laugh.

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