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HTL Training – Week 10

This is what I did during week 10 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, August 10
Off Day

Notes: Work meeting kept me out of the gym.

Thursday, August 11
Ruck to and from Gym (3.5 miles total)
Bench Press (1,1,1+)
21 Overhead Lunge (45# plate)
30 Burpees
50 situps
For time: 3:15

Notes: WOD was fast and furious.

Friday, August 12
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Back Squat – 1165lb
B – Bench Press –115lb
5 reps A in 90 seconds, then 5 reps B in 90 seconds.
5 rounds total (A+B)
Work Capacity & Durability
1 Mile Run
5 Ring Dips
10 Sandbag Thrusters (60#)
15 4-count flutter kicks
10 rounds
1 Mile Run
For time – 38:09

Notes: Sub 6 mile to start was a bad idea. Pain. Lots of DFQ.

Saturday, August 13

Saturday is for Suffering Class

1 mile ruck with various PT and coupons.

Notes: Pain train and carrying a big tire. Good times. Crazy hot.

Sunday, August 14
Rest Day

Notes: Did nothing.

Monday, August 15
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Deadlift – 250lb
B – Strict Press – 75lb
5 reps A in 90 seconds, then 5 reps B in 90 seconds.
10 rounds total (A+B)
Work Capacity
EMOM 16 Min
A) 10m Shuttle Run
B) Kettlebell Swing (24kg)
C) Burpee to Plate (land on 45lb plate)
D) Sit-ups
Row 500m, rest 60 sec, 5 rounds
(1:51.3 average time)

Notes: Rowing sucks. Other stuff was fine. The WC wasn’t as bad as I thought. Good grinder.

Tuesday, August 16

Notes: And by rest, I mean mow a bunch of freakin lawns with my kids.


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