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How to Pack for a GOURCK Tough – 2022

Whether this is your first or 50th GORUCK event, here is our take on everything you need to pack for a GOURCK Tough event.

GORUCK Tough Packing Video

What to Pack for a GORUCK Tough

TO begin with, visit the event page for your GORUCK Tough. From there, print off the packing list. You will need to pack 100% of what is on that list. The cadre will check all your gear at the start of the event. If anything is missing, it will not go well for you.

Here is all the gear that I packed for my GORUCK Tough Operation Red Wings in August 2022.

  • GORUCK Rucker – This bag was built for these events. Don’t question it. And, no, for a GORUCK tough you do NOT need a Long Range Rucker for a Tough.
  • 30# Ruck Plate – 30# is 30#. The ruck plates are just the best way to do it.
  • Work Gloves – Mechanics work great.
  • Petzl e+lite – Lightweight and gets the job done. Don’t forget to pack the extra batteries. They’re on the packing list!
  • 3l Source Hydration Bladder – I love this bladder. Used it for YEARS.
  • Nalgene – GORUCK says to bring one. This is in case your bladder bursts. I usually bring it empty to the start point. I hate the extra weight of water.
  • Salt Stick – I prefer these over the hydration salts you mix with water. These are far more convenient.
  • Cliff Bar – The event is 12 hours. You’re not gonna starve. Just pack a few bars and something to share with the team.
  • Dry Bag – You’re gonna get wet. Make sure your snacks and important stuff stays dry.
  • First Aid Kit – The packing list gives no details on this. I just pack 3 bandaids and call it a day.
  • Hand Sanitizer – I pack a small travel one.

Optional Items to pack for a GOURCK Tough

  • Rain Shell – I only pack this for cold weather events.
  • Reflective Straps – You only need these if you’re not using a Rucker.
  • Mustard Packets – Science says mustard helps with cramps. I pack these sometimes.

Anything we missed? Anything you absolutely have to have on a GOURCK Tough? Got any questions? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

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