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HTL Training – Week 12

This is what I did during week 12 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, August 24
Rest Day

Notes: Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough on the legs. Needed a day off.

Thursday, August 25
Ruck to and From Gym (3.7 miles)

Bench Press – 135 – 4×6

Work Capacity
Run 400m (buy in)
Kettlebell Swing (24kg)
Air Squat
Run 400m (cash out)
For time – 10:59

Notes: Felt really good on the workout. Able to push the throttle and not let up. Really happy with the push-ups, which typically fail me much quicker than they did today. Didn’t enjoy the ruck in or out. Really tired of miles under ruck…

Friday, August 26
NSW Class @ Full Circle

A) Deadlift – 225
B) Strict Press – 85
5 reps A in 90 seconds, then 5 reps B in 90 seconds.
5 rounds total (A+B)

500m Row
30 Situps
5 Rounds NFT

Work Capacity
A) Push-ups 10 (+2)
B) Pull-ups 8 (+1)
C) Squats 12 (+2)
EMOM – Minute one, do A. Minute 2, do B. Minute 3, do C.
Continue pattern, increasing reps by number in bracket.
Stop when you can no longer complete a movement within the 60 seconds.
Result – 6 rounds (a,b,c) + 19 push-ups

Notes: Felt strong on durability. The work capacity was fun, but the pull ups killed me. Totally smoked my arms.

Saturday, August 27

12 Mile Timed Ruck
40# 3:08:31

Saturday is for Suffering Class

400m ruck run, 30 push-ups, 30 4-ct flutter kicks, 30 4-ct mtn climbers

1 mile ruck with lots of heavy coupons. 30 minute time hack.

50 PT movements of your choice (I did push-ups).

Notes: Everything went really well, considering I had just completed the 12 miler. However, once I got home I completely crashed for an hour. Also, the 12 miler put me over the 200 mile mark for this training cycle.

Sunday, August 28
Rest Day

Notes: Did nothing.

Monday, August 29
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Front Squat – 185lb
B – Push Press – 125lb
5 reps A in 90 seconds, then 5 reps B in 2 min.
5 rounds total (A+B)
15 Toes to Bar
160′ Sandbag Carry
5 Rounds not for time (note: sandbag weight by round: 150#, 150#, 100#, 150#, 200#)
Work Capacity 
5 Bench Press @ 125# (RX was bodyweight)
10 Pull-ups
200m Run
20 minute AMRAP (5 rounds + 5 reps)

Notes: Strength and Durability was really heavy for me today. Felt it on the WC.

Tuesday, August 30


10 Minutes to Establish 1RM Clean – 175lb

Work Capacity
Row 250m
Wall Ball (20#) 20 reps
Kettle Bell Swing (32kg) 20 reps
Rest for 2 Min
3 Round For Time – 10:39

Notes: I haven’t cleaned in a long time. The 175 was ugly and the attempt at 180 was horrible. The WC was good. unbroken on all my movements and pushed 100% the whole time.

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