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HTL Training – Week 14

This is what I did during week 14 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, August 7

Deload Day 4

Notes: Neck feeling better. About 60%. Didn’t do anything. Just hoping RICE will fix the neck.

Thursday, September 8

Deload Day 5

Notes: Had another Airrosti appointment. Much better range of motion and decreased pain. Probably 85% better. Hopeful for the weekend… None of this is the deload plan I had in mind.

Friday,September 9

9/11 Heavy

Notes: Finished. Here’s the AAR.

Saturday,September 10

9/11 Tough

Notes: Did not attempt. IFQ.

Sunday, August 11

9/11 Light

NotesDid not attempt. IFQ.

Monday,September 12

Recovery Day 1

Notes: Sore. Stiff. But, alive. Note: neck actually feels better than before the event.

Tuesday,September 13

Recovery Day 2

Notes: Sore. Stiff. But, alive.

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