GORUCK Training

HTL Training – Week 3

This is what I did during week 3 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 8
Unwanted Rest Day VI

Notes: Pain, yes. Training, no.

Thursday, June 9
Unwanted Rest Day VII

Notes: Pain is getting less and sores are going away. I’ve self diagnosed that I have/had shingles.

Friday, June 10
Unwanted Rest Day VIII

Notes: A lot of my soreness is gone, especially in the shoulder. However, hand pain is still there. Mostly in my joints. Going to try and work out tomorrow and see how it goes.

Saturday, June 11
2 mile ruck to the gym (no gps data)
30 minutes
Ruck weight – 24#

Saturday is for Suffering Class
52(+2) Card PT
Flip a card, number is reps, suite is movement. Face cards = 10, Ace = 11, Jokers = 1 min over head hold.
Hearts – 4 Count Flutter Kicks
Spades – 4 Count Mountain Climbers
Clubs – Ruck push-ups
Diamonds – Ruck Thrusters

1 mile ruck (no gps data)
20 minutes
Ruck weight – 24#

Notes: The ruck in felt ok. Managed the PT much better than I thought I would. Was pretty dizzy after, but other than that, I was ok. Felt good to be moving and working. Joints still pretty sore.

Sunday, June 12
Rest Day

Notes: Fathers Day. So, I did Dad stuff like help my kids mow lawns and take them to the pool.

Monday, June 13
NSW Class @ Full Circle
Front Squat Max (3,2,1,1,1)
Work Capacity
Run 200m
12 KB Swings (32kl) – Subbed Goblet Squats @ 24kl due to hands
10 Ring Dips
20 min AMRAP
45 sec max bicep curls @45lb
15 sec rest
45 sec max lat pulldowns 30# band
3 rounds.

Notes: It was nice to be back in the gym. I was disappointed to not be able to do the swings (and that I got left in the dust by the other guys), but I was pretty happy to get a 10# PR on my front squat. That was very unexpected. Also, joint pain in my hands is the toughest thing I’m dealing with pain wise. Pretty constant and nagging.

Tuesday, June 14
4 Mile Ruck gps data
1 hours 09 minutes
15:52 avg pace
Ruck weight – 39#

Death by Ten – 24:37
Done with ruck. 10 lunges between every movement. 2 rounds for time.
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
10 thrusters
10 4 count mountain climbers
10 monkey f’ers
10 burpees
10 overhead press
10 squats
10 4 count flutter kicks
10 yard duck walk (clank clank I’m a tank)

4 Mile Ruck gps data
1 hours 04 minutes
15:52 avg pace
Ruck weight – 39#

Notes: First real ruck/work day in a more than a week. Overall, felt pretty good. The PT break was a really good burn and I felt it on the second 4 miles. But, my pace increased all 4 miles, so the impact of the workout didn’t last too long. Was nice to be back on my program and getting ready for the HTL.

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