GORUCK Training

HTL Training – Week 4

This is what I did during week 4 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 22
Rest Day

Notes: Nothing special.

Thursday, June 23
Ruck 8 Miles (gps data)
1 hour 48 minutes 38 Seconds
Pace 13:33
Ruck weight – 39#

100 Push-ups, 100 4 Count Flutter Kicks

Ruck 2 Miles (gps data)
30 minutes 46 Seconds
Pace 14:48
Ruck weight – 39#

Notes: Felt great today! Rain, thunder, lightening. Beautiful. Was a little disappointed with my PT. I suck at push-ups and flutter kicks. Sets of 10 kill me. Gotta improve there.

Friday, June 24
Rest Day

Notes: Sometimes being a dad trumps my desire to train.

Saturday, June 25
Rest Day

Notes: Too many of these…


Sunday, June 26
Rest Day

Notes: I “did” help my kids mow 7 lawns… so that’s “something.”

Monday, June 27
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Back squat – 185lb
B – Bench press – 115lb
6 reps A in 90 seconds, then 6 reps B in 90 seconds.
3 rounds total
30 sec Max diamond Push-ups
30 sec rest
30 sec Max V-ups
30 sec rest
30 sec Max ring dips
90 sec rest
4 Rounds NFT
Work Capacity
10 yard shuffle run, 20 yard shuffle run
5 burpee box jumps (24in)
12 Kettlebell Swings (32kl)
5 burpee box jumps (24in)
10 yard shuffle run, 20 yard shuffle run
60 sec rest
6 Rounds For Time

Notes: Bench numbers are suffering. Everything else was rough, but manageable.

Tuesday, June 28
12 Mile Ruck gps data
2 hours 47 minutes 27 seconds
13:55 avg pace
Ruck weight – 39#

100 Push-ups
100 4ct Flutter kicks

Notes: The ruck was long and boring. It was also 7 minutes slower than last 12 miler. Not sure what is up with that, because I pushed pretty hard. Oh well. Also, must do more push-ups!!!!

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