GORUCK Training

HTL Training – Week 6

This is what I did during week 6 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

NOTE: I hit 100 Ruck Miles this week. It was a little slower in the training than I wanted, but it is a big milestone. I hope to now transition to alternating my T/R rucks with distance/weight days.

Wednesday, July 6
Rest Day

Notes: Lots of travel today to visit ailing grandparents.

Thursday, July 7
Ruck 2.35 Miles
Time Uunknown
Pace Unknown
Ruck weight – 55#


Notes: Took 5 kids on the ruck with me, so pace was slow.

Friday, July 8
Rest Day

Notes: No idea why I didn’t get up to ruck this morning. Vacation?

Saturday, July 9
Rest Day

Notes: 9 hours in a car, driving. Mental toughness training. Followed by 2 hours of yard work.

Sunday, July 10
Rest Day

Notes: I “did” help my kids mow 8 lawns… so that’s “something.”

Monday, July 11
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Back squat – 200lb
B – Bench press – 135lb
4 reps A in 90 seconds, then 6 reps B in 90 seconds.
5 rounds total (A+B)
Work Capacity
10 (per leg) Over Head Lunges w/50# ruck
10 over the ruck burpees
10 Ruck swings
AMRAP 7 min
3 Minute Rest
3 rounds total
500m Row
50 air squats

Notes: 2 weeks out of the gym… yeah, that was brutal. Took half the day to recover.

Tuesday, July 12
8.12 Mile Ruck 
2 hours 14 minutes 31 seconds
16:35 avg pace
Ruck weight – 38#

110 Push-ups
110 4ct Flutter kicks

Notes: PT was at mile 6. Push-ups actually feel like they are starting to get better. I’ve increased from sets of 10 to sets of 11. Plan to increase reps by 1 each week. Ruck was a little slower due to legs getting destroyed yesterday.

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