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HTL Training – Week 9

This is what I did during week 9 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, August 3
Thrusters (65lb)
Burpee Box Jumps (24in)

Notes: 14:47. Nice grind. REALLY didn’t want to do the workout. But pushed hard once the clock beeped.

Thursday, August 4

Notes: Do I even RUCK any more? Keep missing ruck days. That is NOT good.

Friday, August 5
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Deadlift – 185lb
B – Strict Press – 95lb
2 reps A in 90 seconds, then 2 reps B in 90 seconds.
7 rounds total (A+B)
Work Capacity
5 Deadlifts (205lb)
20 Sandbag Lunge (60lb)
100m Run
AMRAP 12 (5+15)
800m Farmer Carry (20kg)

Notes: Good day.

Saturday, August 6

Saturday is for Suffering Class

1.5 mile ruck with various PT and coupons.

Notes: Ugh… not feeling it.

Sunday, August 7
Rest Day

Notes: Did nothing.

Monday, August 8
NSW Class @ Full Circle
A – Front squat – 185lb
B – Push Press – 95lb
5 reps A in 90 seconds, then 5 reps B in 90 seconds.
10 rounds total (A+B)
Work Capacity
10m Overhead Lunge (45lb)
10 strict pullup
20 Kettlebell Swing (24kg)
Run 400m
4 Rounds for Time (17:39)
Row 6 minutes (max effort) – 1571m/237w

Notes: Rowing sucks. Other stuff was fine.

Tuesday, August 9

Notes: This wasn’t rest. I chose to be lazy and not ruck.

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