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What to Expect at Your First GORUCK Event

Every GORUCK event is unique, but if you’ve never done an event before and wonder what you might be getting yourself into… It is something like this:

First, there is usually a pre-event meetup at a bar. You should go to that.

After that, everyone gathers at the starting point.

Suddenly, the Cadre shows up out of nowhere.

There is usually a roll call and some admin stuff.

If you’re lucky, there is a welcome party.

Sometimes the welcome party can last a while.
Are you crying

After you move out, at some point you may be put in charge of your team.

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As team leader, you’ll do a great job.

Some time during the night the Cadre will remind you that you’re not moving fast enough.

If you’re lucky, Cadre will give you 5 minutes to rest and refuel

Your team will inevitably mess something up and Cardre will remind the team leader the importance of communication.

There may be a log.

You’ll get tired and cranky.

You may go to a dark place.

But, eventually your team is starting to get their shit together and the Cadre will give you a compliment.

Everything is clicking. Your team has come together. Well done.

You start to realize you’re near where you started. It is almost over. You don’t have anything to worry about. It is smooth sailing from here on out. Just coast on in to glory. Don’t worry about anything.

The event is over. Congratulations, you get a patch.

You look at the people on your team…

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