6 Ways to Justify Buying Something from GORUCK Before the Price Increase

As you know, GORUCK prices are going up 20%-30% on September 1 (here’s our chart with all the new prices). This has caused all of us to ask the question, “What do I need to buy before the prices go up?

Of course, for many of us, we don’t “need” to buy anything. Buuuut, we sure do want to.

For those who need a little help justifying (to a significant other or to yourself) a last minute purchase before the clock strikes midnight, here are 7 things you can tell yourself to help pull the trigger.

1. I’ll get to complain about “I remember when I bought ___ for ___.”

Buying a ruck today means you get to complain about the “good ‘ole days” when you could get a GR1 for just $295! If you miss out, you’ll never get to be that person that says, “I bought it when…”

2. My investment will increase in value by 20-%30% overnight, guaranteed.

There is no stock or investment out there that will guarantee that rate of return. But, buy all the rucks today and on Sept 1, BOOM you’ll be friggin rich!

3. If I decide the purchase was a bad idea, I can sell it for a profit.

I’ve actually used this logic many times in the past. If I buy it when it is on sale and I decide I don’t want it or need it, I can just sell it AND since I’m getting such a good deal, I can sell it for a profit. Never has that been as true as right now. Once retail goes up, the secondary market will go up too. If you need to justify the purchase, the safety net of a profitable resale may be the excuse you need.

4. I’m actually saving money.

We all know you’re going to buy a new ruck eventually. Buying it today is just saving money. Sure, it is technically retail price, but the future retail price means current retail is basically a huge sale. It’s like GORUCK just gave you a 35% off coupon to go on a shopping spree!

5. I’ve never owned a pair of $165 pants.

Check this very strange and specific life goal off your bucket list. Grab a pair of Simple Pants today and on Sept 1st you’ll be strutting down into the office with your sweet $165 pantalones.

6. I was right.

“No one will buy at GORUCK gear at the higher price,” you say. Now’s your chance to prove your point and stick it to the man. Buy all the rucks right now and then sit back and bask in your rightness.

Ok, there are my 6 ways to justify picking up all the GORUCK gear today. What excuse are you using for your last minute purchase? Drop them in the comments below.

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