Author: Ryan Burns

Swimming to Antarctica

As part of my HTL training plan, I’m reading books about people who exhibit extreme mental toughness. The first one I’ve completed is Lynne Cox’s Swimming to Antarctica – Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer. Cox is an extraordinary athlete and her resume is stunning. By age 16 she had broken ALL the world records (male and female) for swimming the English Chanel. Eventually, she would go on to swim in the Bering Strait between the US & the Soviet Union, swimming 5 miles in 38-degree water. Swim after swim Cox shares in the efforts that went into preparing for...

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Training For My First GORUCK HTL

Failing to plan is planning to fail. In just over three months I’m going to attempt the first GORUCK HTL and I have given a tremendous amount of thought to my training plan and how I should prepare. I want to outline a training plan below and, while I can’t recommend that you follow it at this time, I want it to be here so that I can better evaluate it at the end of my events, tweak it, and offer it as a potential resource to anyone looking to accomplish and HTL. (Update: While my training was good, I was not...

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What to Expect at Your First GORUCK Event

Every GORUCK event is unique, but if you’ve never done an event before and wonder what you might be getting yourself into… It is something like this: First, there is usually a pre-event meetup at a bar. You should go to that. After that, everyone gathers at the starting point. Suddenly, the Cadre shows up out of nowhere. There is usually a roll call and some admin stuff. If you’re lucky, there is a welcome party. Sometimes the welcome party can last a while. After you move out, at some point you may be put in charge of your...

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What to Pack for GORUCK Challenge – My AAR

I just finished my first GORUCK Tough and wanted to share my packing list AAR (After-Action Review). Prior to my challenge I read as many posts (like this, this, and this) and watched as many YouTube videos as I could to know how to best pack. In adding my AAR to the interwebs, I hope to help others by sharing what worked for me. (You may also be interested in my post, What to Wear to a GORUCK event.) Here’s what I used: The Pack – GORUCK GR1 I used the GORUCK GR1 which, I admit, I got off ebay to save a...

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GORUCK Training

Looking for a free GORUCK training guide to help you prepare for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, or Light? Check out Ruck.Training!

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