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New Rucker Released

We knew it was coming, but the new Rucker is finally here. The build looks great. Here’s what I’m seeing:

Note: This post is about the launch of the Rucker 3.0. You can find information on the Rucker 4.0 here.

Spearhead on the molle.

Patch spot on the interior and D ring to hang water bladder.

New plate holder. Apparently, it will hold the weight higher and not sit at bottom of the ruck. Sounds really nice.

New price is $215.

I’ll say this, it looks like they’ve nailed it on the weight pouch. I think the new Rucker is a much better product!


8 Replies to New Rucker Released

  1. 26L GR1 guy right now at 6’4” and love it. It is a big pack and have been wanting a reason to buy another. The new suspended plate holder could be a game changer keeping it from riding on the lower back. New interior patch and exterior arrow on Molle works with Rule#1

    1. If you get the Rucker, it will feel very small. I’m 6’2″ and I initially didn’t like the fit. But, after a few months, I’m really happy with how it sits. Rucker is perfect for events.

  2. I’m a pretty new to this whole Rucking thing but I’ve got a 26L GR1. I haven’t done any events yet but I can’t imagine going with a smaller pack unless it is used exclusively for Rucking. I’m 5’11”. One reason I went with the 26L pack is b/c I also use it for travel and just wanted one pack to use for all needs. That’s why I decided to spend up and get the GR1.

    1. If I could rewrite my ruck decisions I would get a Rucker for events and rucking and a GR1 for just about everything else. Since my GR1 has the eternal smell of events, my situation is flipped.

  3. Any thought on whether that couple of inches between the top of the weight pouch and the top of the ruck will eliminate the need for a pool noodle? Looks like it to me, but hard to tell in pics.

    1. I think so. There wouldn’t be any room for the noodle in that setup. I’d be interested to see how the weight sits when doing something like bear crawls. Nothing worse than 30# to the back of the head.

  4. I love my current model Rucker, which I’ve used extensively for both weighted training and travel. Just wondering if this new model will take the 45# plate, and if the pockets are made as snug for the Expert plates as my current ruck, or if you’ll need to add the new neoprene weight cradles to any plates carried?
    I certainly like the idea of being able to carry the plates higher up on your back!
    Great to see this kind of progression in design and that GORUCK is clearly listening to feedback from people using their gear.

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