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GORUCK has just launched a new event, Immersion. The event comes in two flavors, 6-hours and 12-hours. According to the website, the class focuses on water survival and drownproofing.

GORUCK pitches Immersion this way, “The scenario begins with your group forced to negotiate waterways due to a manmade or natural disaster. You will learn essential skills and test your abilities to operate as a team while in and on the water.”

For Immersion 6 you’ll learn the fundamentals of water survival, drownproofing, basic maritime first aid, and wrap up with a culminating exercise.

For Immersion 12 you’ll focus on long-term survival, advanced maritime first aid, quick water tool construction, rescue, team floatation device construction, surviving overnight, and end with some super fun “interactive culminating exercise.”

The packing list is similar to a normal event, but Immersion throws a few extra things in the mix:

First, the basics

The things that stand out to me are the addition of the contractor bags and the meal. Also, there are specifications on what pants are not allowed.

Along with the individual packing list, the Immersion team has to bring:

Got a feeling that you might be building something. Like a shark cage… or a raft. But, probably a shark cage.

Finally, there is some extra info that GORUCK provided.

  • Water Confidence: Participants will not be more than 600m from shore and swimming with fins and paddling flotation devices. Participants will never swim alone.
  • Meals: Meals are not provided during this event. Meal times will vary and will be consumed in an ocean environment. Due to the amount of energy exerted, it is recommended participants bring snacks that are easy to consume on the move.

So, this isn’t a “learn to swim” class, but it seems to indicate that if you at least have basic water confidence (ie, you’re not freaking out being 600m offshore on a raft that you built that is probably going to sink) you should be good. Also, food.

Oh, and the patch is bad-ass!

So, that’s the quick and dirty take on the new GORUCK Immersion. What are your thoughts? Interested? Signing up? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I am guessinf there are 2 reasons for the pants rule. 1: difficulty. Swimming in full pants (not tights or shorts) is harder. 2: you can turn woven pants into a floatation device (I’ve done it with jeans in Boy Scouts and BDUs and MCCUUs in the Marine Corps.

  2. Jesse, suspect you are right about the pants. Tie at bottom and you have flotation device.

    Shirts will do the same as a floatation vest.

    At first it sounds like fun. Then I reconsider the event host – could be torture.


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