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Top 10 Post of 2017

You ladies and gents read a lot of articles about rucking this year. Based on our analytic tracking, these are the top 10 most read posts of 2017.

#10 – Best Socks for Rucking

Apparently, thousands of you need help picking out the right pair of socks for a GORUCK event.

#9 – GORUCK Packing List

A simple post that reminds you: 12 hours, not 12 days.

#8 – GORUCK Glossary

What the crap is everyone in this cult talking about? Hopefully Luke cleared it up for you.

#7 – What to Pack for a GORUCK Event AAR

This was actually the post that started it all! I wrote this post on my personal blog after my first GORUCK and people liked it so much that I started Ruck.Beer and moved it over here.

#6 – Top 10 GORUCK Training Tips

Seems like you all want to get better at this GORUCK thing. Or at least die a little less each time.

#5 – Who Does GORUCK events?

Besides you weirdos?

#4 – What to Wear to a GORUCK Event

A whole lot of you needed fashion advice when event time rolled around.

#3 – GORUCK Kydex Frame Sheet Upgrade

I like this post. It is a personal favorite. Gald you all like it too.

#2 – GORUCK Selection Finishers and AARs

Is your name on the list? Probably not.

#1 – Best Shoes for GORUCK

Yup. The number one, most read post on Ruck.Beer answers the eternal question at the heart of things GORUCK… What shoes/boots do I wear?

But, seriously, thanks for reading and I look forward to writing more of this nonsense in 2018.

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