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This is my AAR (After Action Report) for the GORUCK GOREVOLUTION HTL event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The AAR will address each event of the HTL (the Heavy, Tough, and Light) individually with commentary on the overlapping aspects of the HTL as a singular event. GORUCK Overview GRT, you can skip this. If you don’t know what a GRT is (Thanks for reading my blog, mom.) then you might want to read this. GORUCK is a backpack company that puts on endurance events around the world that focuses on leadership development, physical and mental endurance, and teamwork by harnessing the experience and...

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Packing Video for GORUCK Heavy, Tough, and Light

In the video below I show exactly what (and how) I pack for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, and Light. I’ve also included my gear list below the video with links in case you want to grab anything you see. If you have any questions (or suggestions) drop them in the comment section below. Gear List from the video my upcoming GORUCK Heavy: GR1 Source Hydration 3L Low Profile Water Bladder 30# Ruck Plate Mechanix Gloves 5L Dry Bag SaltStick Electrolyte tabs Leukotape $20 and ID 5 Kind bars and some jerky Energy jelly beans Extra socks – iniji toe...

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GORUCK Status Tracker

When will ____ be in stock? What about ___ color? We’ll do our best to keep track of all the updates we see on social media and keep you up-to-date on when you can expect to drain your bank account once again. GORUCK GR3 OFFICIALLY on pre-sale. $325 until July 17. $425 after that. Hoping to get it released in November 2017. June 20 – Going to production in 2 weeks. Women’s Clothing Line Women’s line of GORUCK apparel is tentatively launching in 2018. GOURCK Kids Rucks Back in stock sometime in 2018. Pink Rucks No plans to bring it back....

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Pushing Past Comfort

Me and the family took a quick 3-day vacation to visit the in-laws in Myrtle Beach this week. As I contemplated how I’d train over the few days we were gone, I considered reaching out to the Crossfit gym in town. But I didn’t really want to shell out the coin. I figured I’d grab my sandbag and just do some suffering on my own. Then, I remembered an email I got from a reader that had won one of our patches a few months ago. He was in Myrtle Beach and had invited me to put in some...

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It is official. GORUCK GR3 exists and is coming in 2017. Jason, CEO of GORUCK, dropped a teaser video on the GORUCK Tough Page. Here’s what we know. UPDATE: GORUCK is officially taking pre-orders for the GR3. The cost will be $425, but get it for $325 if you pre-order before July 17.  The GR3 is big. In fact, a 40L GR2 fits in it with plenty of room to spare. On the exterior, the GR3 has compression straps and a side handle. The GR3 also has a padded waist belt. The waist belt is removable. The interior front panel...

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GORUCK Training

Looking for a free GORUCK training guide to help you prepare for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, or Light? Check out Ruck.Training!

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