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GORUCK MACV-2 Review & First Look

GORUCK continues to investing in improving the MACV rucking boot line with this release of the MACV-2 Rucking Boot. With some minor tweaks to the base design and some new monster tread, the MACV-2 Rucking boots are a solid next step for those looking for more aggressive boots to take off road.

GORUCK MACV-2 Review Video

What’s New in the MACV-2 Rucking Boot?

The 2 biggest features of the new MACV-2 are:

  1. Aggressive Outsole (new tread, new triple compound rubber)
  2. Rugged Midsole (it now wraps up and hugs your foot for maximum stability)

As you can see the new design has a much more aggressive tread pattern with bigger and wider lugs. This is great for off road rucking and traction in wet, muddy, and slippery conditions.

For the outsole, it is now comprised of 3 different rubber compounds (similar to Ballistic Trainers):

First, the forefoot rubber is formulated for increased grip with deep tread specifically shaped to grab the ground while shedding mud and debris.

The midfoot is formulated from a rock climbing compound and hardened for abrasion resistance.

The heel is more dense and formulated for durability with an expanded heel strike area that won’t break down over time or distance.

There have been some improvements to the midsole as well. It is the same material as the MACV-1, but the new design wraps around the entire upper providing significantly more stability and maximum support. That said, because of the tweaks to the midsole, there is now only room for 1 drain hole.

As for weight, it is only +/-1oz more than the MACV-1.

MACV-2 Explained by Paul Litchfield, Head of Product


The short version is that if you are a fan of the MACV-1 Rucking Boots, but you’ve always wished the tread was more aggressive for off road rucking, then your wish has been granted.

The new tread on the MACV-2 is a solid advancement for stable footing in off-road environments while still maintaining the comfort of the MACV-1.

Like the MACV-1 boots before it, GORUCK has put together a light (relatively), comfortable, and supportive boot (thanks to the midsole tweaks).

The only complaint I have in my initial few days of wearing them is that the heal cup ends about 1/4″ lower than the MACV-1 and for me, this causes it to rest on the top of my heel bone as opposed to the MACV-1 which terminate right past my heel bone. While there was some reduced comfort initially, they have started to break in and form a little more to my foot and get more comfortable each day.

Do I recommend the MACV-2 Rucking Boots?

If you want a more aggressive tread and are ok with suede, grab a pair today. They are a great boot and built to do some serious work.

I hope that GORUCK will continue the MACV-1 line because not every day calls for such aggressive tread. I wear my MACV-1 boots (brown leather) every day to work and love them, but the MACV-2 boots feel a bit too aggressive for the office.

That said, when weather is bad or we’re going “out to the country” I’ll 100% be grabbing my MACV-2 boots.

Got Questions About the MACV-2 Rucking Boots?

Post them in the comments below and we’ll get you answers as soon as we can.

GORUCK’s MACV-2 Promo Video

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  1. Loved the weight and feel of the V-1’s but could never find a pair that wouldn’t cause endless heel blisters. Tried every size/sock/lacing technique in the book but the transition from the insole to the heel counter just didn’t work for me. Other than the cup being a bit lower are there any other major differences with the heel counter?

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