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Complete GORUCK Price Increase Breakdown Chart

Below is our best effort to show old/new prices, including the difference and percentage price change.

ProductNEW PriceOld PricePrice Increase% IncreaseNew ESD Price
M Polo$95$75$2526%$71.25
M Simple Pants$165$110$5550%$123.75
M Simple Windbreaker$145$95$5052%$108.75
M Challenge Windbreaker$165$110$5050%$127.75
M Challenge Pants$195$155$4037%$146.25
W Tough T$55$40$1537%$41.25
W Simple Pants$165$110$5050%$123.75
W Shorts$95$90$55%$71.25
W Simple Windbreaker$145$95$5052%$108.75
W Tough Half Zip$115$65$5076%$86.25

9 Replies to Complete GORUCK Price Increase Breakdown Chart

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a $50 increase on the Rucker is around a 24% increase, not 10%, right? If the prices are increasing, shouldn’t the increases be calculated using the original prices? Using the GR1 as an example, while the $100 increase is only 25% of the new $395 price tag, it is a 33% increase over the old $295 pricing.

    1. You’re correct. I updated the post. In an effort to get it live, I used an online calculator and didn’t double check the math. My bad.

  2. Wont ever ne buying a GR2 or GR3 from them, even w my ESD. And I’m new to go ruck, sure as not to rucking, but it’s fun to embrace being a grunt for a hobby! But w those prices, no way. I just recieved a GR1 21L, any event that requires more room, back to the old “ALICE”, or “Motherload” camel back. Thanks for the continued updates.

  3. I don’t see how this is going to help business. Do you sell more rucks and equipment at a lower profit margin or fewer at a higher profit margin. I think you get more product out there when you sell more at a lower margin. I am glad I got my rucks (6+) before the increase.

  4. It is what it is! Forewarned is forearmed – so if you’re on the fence about an item best to get after it NOW! And I recall a saying from a few decades ago – “pay once, cry once”. The quality of Go Ruck products is top notch and their product support is excellent. Ryan – thanks for sharing your passion and support for the rucking community. Keep on charging!

  5. I have a GR1 that I got a few months ago and I love, but I’ve been wanting a bigger one. I’d planned on buying a multi cam black GR2 when they come available (I was told they are in production now, looking at Oct/Nov before they hit the site). The price increase has changed my mind. At $395 it was already over the top end of what I wanted to pay. No way am I paying $500 for a GR2. These price increases are going to cost them a lot of customers.

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