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If you, or someone you know, is looking to train for a GORUCK Heavy, GORUCK Tough, or GORUCK Light, our friends (actually, I guess that’s actually us since we run both website) over at Ruck.Training have released 3 brand new GORUCK training guides and they are giving them away for free.

What is great about these training guides is that they just that, a guide. As each guide explains, the goal is to give ruckers a template that they can use to prepare for an upcoming event. While someone can certainly just follow the guide as written, Ruck.Training offers free Word and Pages versions of the program so that you can use the program as a base and modify the training to meet your exact needs.

If you’re looking for a GORUCK Heavy Training Plan, this one delivers 12 weeks of programming. You’ll cover over 250+ miles of rucking and do plenty of PT and other horrible things to get you ready for your event.

If a GORUCK Tough Training Plan is more your speed, this one will take give you 10 weeks of rucking and PT. From short rucks with sucky coupons to long weekend grinders, this is a great guide for your training.

Finally, if you’ve got a newbie looking for a GORUCK Light Training Plan, then this guide is a great way to get them introduced to rucking and ready for their first event. The miles, PT, and loads are lighter, but like the Light, that doesn’t mean easy.

While there are other training guides out there, I don’t know of any that are free. So, that’s a big selling point for these. If you’re looking for a training plan, this is a good place to start.

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