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GORUCK Ballistic Trainers – Long Term Review

After nearly 2 years of regular use at CrossFit Addict, this is my long-term review of the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers.

Video of my GORUCK Ballistic Trainers – Long Term Review

Ballistic Trainer Review After Extended Use

For nearly 2 years I have worn the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers to CrossFit Addict. I typically work out 4-6 times per week, so I’ve put in hundreds of hours in these shoes. Here is my original review and first look.

The short version of the review is that I absolutely love these shoes. Not only are they amazing shoes, they are incredibly durable, giving them a long life-span.

What I love about the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

First, I love the feel of the shoe. When I put it on it feels solid but without any unnecessary weight. I believe they only weigh an ounce or two more than the Metcons I previously wore. The just feel good on my foot.

Second, the platform they provide feels so locked in. Whenever I lift, I always feel like I have an amazing base to jump and land from. In fact, I think I’ve entirely put away my lifters since getting the Ballistic Trainers, only breaking out my Inov8s once or twice in 2 years, while hitting a number of PRs squats, presses, thrusters, and cleans.

Third, they look great. I mean, despite the fact that Lunar eventually becomes moon dirt, they are darn sexy shoes.

Fourth, they’re not horrible for running. I mean, I wouldn’t chose to run in them for a marathon or anything, but I’ve put in well over 100 miles in these with no complaints (unlike my gym friends that constantly complain about running in their Nobulls and Metcons).

How have they held up over nearly 2 years?

As mentioned previously, the Lunar color is now more “moon dirt.” But, that’s to be expected.

The exterior has held up really well. There are a few scuffs, but they are all surface level and have not become “holes” at this point.

I believe most of these scuffs are from rope climbs.

The sole of the shoe has held up amazingly well. As I noted, I’ve probably run well over 100 miles in these and the tread looks really good. There is some light wear near the toes, but otherwise they are still great on tread.

The only real “breakdown” I’ve encountered has been in the last month. The inside of the heal has started to break down and rip. On days where we’re running intervals, this has started to irritate my heals (and was the impetus for picking up the new pair).

Honestly, if it weren’t for the heal wearing down, I would just keep using these shoes for quite a while.

The CrossFit World is Missing Out

Nobull is quickly becoming a dominate shoe in the our space and the Nike Metcon is still probably king. With such high profile names, it is hard to see how GORUCK can really break into this market. This is sad because these really are amazing shoes. In fact, Joel, from the highly popular As Many Reviews As Possible, rated these as one of his favorite shoes of the year. That is a very solid endorsement and proof that these shoes are absolutely the real deal.

Hopefully more people will give them a try and we can even see these shoes grow and develop more in the coming years.

Till then, go get a pair! Me? I’ll be breaking in these new Lunar Charcoal pair and can’t wait to move them to moon dust 🙂

Got any questions or thoughts about the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers? Sound off in the comments below.

5 Replies to GORUCK Ballistic Trainers – Long Term Review

  1. How is the width? That’s been the problem with every GR shoe/boot for me. I wear a wide and there just isn’t enough room for my foot.

    1. If you wear a wide, they may be tight. The toe box has some breathing room, but probably overall it will be too tight.

  2. Did they get to be “moon dirt” by normal wear, or is this from hard use? Were any cleaning methods successful?

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