GORUCK Simple Sandbag & Sandbag 2.0 Review

After a long wait, GORUCK not only released the Sandbag 2.0, but they also launched a new product, the Simple Sandbag.

Simple Sandbag & Sandbag 2.0 Video Review

Thoughts on the Sandbag 2.0

The Sandbag 2.0 has a lot of carry over from former iterations of the GORUCK Sandbag. On the exterior, there is not a lot that is different. It still has 12 different handles to grab. They’re all neoprene wrapped handles, making them the most comfortable handles in the market.

Of course, the stitching is bulletproof and you’ll have to throw some insane abuse at this bag to even begin to think about needing the SCARS lifetime warranty.

Where the 2.0 is really a “next iteration” is with the filler bag. It would appear that GORUCK believes if there is gonna be a fail point of their sandbag, it is going to be the filler bag.

The first change to the filler is that the stitching that used to go around the perimeter of the bag is now a “a French style seam that has 3x the stitches as our previous filler bags” and goes up the middle of the bag. This should result is less pop of the seam.

In addition to the seam, GORUCK has added a 2″ piece of webbing on both ends of the filler bag to help it keep its shape and increase its stability under constant pounding.

While I always thought the Velcro closure on the GORUCK bags was very solid, the apparently felt is needed to be beefed up. Now, the double closure system has been replaced by a triple closure system that almost guarantees that no a speck of sand is getting out of this bag.

If you want to nerd out on all the upgrades and stitching changes, check out this GORUCK video.

All these features together solidify GORUCK’s position of the best sandbag and filler in the market.

Simple Sandbag Review

The GORUCK Simple Sandbag, at its core, is the GOURCK Filler bag with 2 heavy duty handles on it.

At less than 1/2 the price of a GORUCK Sandbag, I really wondered how it would be working out with a filler bag. The answer: GREAT!

I tested out the Simple Sandbag doing The Sandbag Mile and it performed perfectly.

The bag, stitching, seams, and closure all held up like it was just a normal day at the office. Here’s how it looked after nearly 700 clean and tosses on concrete.

The only downside of the Simple Sandbag is the downgrade from 12 handles on the Sandbag 2.0 to just 2 handles. This means there are simply less ways to grab the bag. For me, it wasn’t too big a deal.

Which Sandbag Should I Buy?

If you’re on a tight budget and you want a great sandbag, the Simple Sandbag is a tremendous value. It is also a great solution for someone looking to add a few extra weight variations, but don’t want to invest in a fill bag set. The added benefit of the Simple Sandbag is that since they are just filler bags, you can add these in your existing bag to get more weight. Kinda a 2-for-1.

That said, if you have the funds, the extra handles and actual “bag” of the Sandbag 2.0 make it an amazing piece of fitness gear and I highly recommend it.

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