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GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Review

The GORUCK Rucker 4.0 is the fourth major update to the GORUCK Rucker line of bags. Below we share the changes this version brings to the Rucker, as well as give our thoughts on the bag.

It is worth nothing that as part of the launch of the Rucker 4.0, GORUCK also launched the Rucker Long Range, which we reviewed here.

Rucker 4.0 Video Review

Returning Features

The Rucker 4.0 carries over many of the features that version 3.0 introduced us to.

The back is still 210D Cordura (which we love) and has the added lumbar support.

It retains the 4 handles (one on each side) which make it perfect for rucking workouts like those over on

Inside there is the ruck plate pocket (which has some minor changes we’ll cover in a minute). The 20L ruck accommodates the 30# plates and lower, while the 25L Rucker fits 45# and lower.

New Features on the Rucker 4.0

To start, the front slash pocket has been removed. For some, this is a big loss. It was an easy “stash” pocket to throw some small items in for easy access. However, if this will be your first Rucker, you probably won’t miss it.

Another big change in the Rucker 4.0 is the removal of internal zippers for the two storage pockets. They have been replaced with velcro and red high-viz pull tabs.

The loss of zippers has caused a bit of an uproar from the GORUCK community. However, GORUCK’s logic is that when you’re throwing a ruck around with 20-45# in it, zippers are gonna get crushed. Switching to velcro solves the problem.

In our testing, the velcro worked well enough. The only “issue” was that the flap over the pocket area sometimes gets in the way when “closing” the pocket.

For the ruck plate holder, GORUCK has beefed up the padding at the top of the pocket, which is great for protecting the back of your head when doing ruck PT.

For those who have a 3.0, you’ll also notice that the “pocket” that was on the previous iterations has been removed.

Finally, GORUCK has added 3 “D” rings in the ruck. While we see the use for the top one to secure a water bladder, the two side ones kind of leave us scratching our head as to their practical use.

Should You Buy the Rucker 4.0?

If you’re in the market for a ruck to do Ruck Workouts, GORUCK events, or just putting in miles around town, the Rucker 4.0 is a great ruck and worth every penny. The GORUCK Scars warranty means that your investment is protected and you can beat the hell out of this bag.

However, if you already own a Rucker 3.0, our two cents is that the “upgrade” for the Rucker 4.0 might not be worth it. The loss of the slash pocket, the pocket on the ruck plate holder, and the slight wonky-ness of velcro pockets make it a bag that just doesn’t justify the upgrade.

What are your thoughts? Have any questions? Sound off in the comment section below.

5 Replies to GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Review

  1. Hi, I’m a big fan of your ruck workout plans. I completed the 10 week tough and now I’m on the 12 week heavy. Hands down the best training plan out there. I am 43 years old and in the best shape in my life. I do have a question about the Rucker 4.0. Not sure if you or any of your followers have encountered this. I contacted GoRuck and they told me just to “wear it in” and it should go away. I am having creaking noises around the strap area. Upon further investigation It is the material rubbing on the back material underneath it, the segment next to the strap. I found that this is due to the ruck plate in the designated top ruck holder inside the backpack. When I take the ruck plate out of the holder and place it in the main backpack then the sound goes away. It must be due to the weight right next to the strap.

    Do you have any advice or tips to help address this? Thanks! Shane

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