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GORUCK Weight Vest Review (with Video)

The GORUCK Weight Vest is a excellent piece of functional equipment to add to your training tool kit.

Compatible with the GORUCK Ruck Plates and the Rogue Vest Weights, this is a great fitting, great feeling, piece of gear. Add in the GORUCK SCARS Lifetime Warranty and I highly recommend this piece of gear for anyone in the market.

GORUCK Weight Vest Video Review

GORUCK Weight Vest Fit and Feel

The vest feels great. The use of the 210d Cordura for the interior and the straps reminds me of one of the reasons I love the new GORUCK Rucker 3.0. It just feels good.

When using the GORUCK Ruck Plates, the vest feels very snug. Obviously, having a giant 30# rectangle on your chest is gonna feel a little bulky. But, at the same time, it feel like I’m ready to do some hard work… and I like hard work.

If you have the Rogue Vest Plates, the fit is actually amazing. They are thin and contoured for your body. This will be my go-to when training with the vest.

Weight Vest Price Point and Warranty

At $150, the GORUCK Weight Vest is comparable to other weight vests in the market. What sets it apart for me is the SCARS warranty.

GORUCK stands behind its gear and knowing that if anything happens to the vest during my lifetime, GORUCK will fix it makes the investment something I can get behind.

Do I Recommend the GORUCK Weight Vest?

Yes. If you’re looking to add a Weight Vest to your training, the GORUCK Weight Vest is a great vest and comes with the knowledge that if something happens to it, GORUCK will take care of you.

The compatibility with GORUCK Ruck Plates (which many of our readers already own) give greater versatility to loading without added expense. And, if you have the ability, being able to also use the Rogue Weights is a very nice bonus.

In the end, I love the vest and can’t wait to bring the pain for the Memorial Day Murph this year!

Got Questions or Comments about the Weight Vest?

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8 Replies to GORUCK Weight Vest Review (with Video)

    1. Personally, Weight Vest. I have more rucks than any person needs. If I want to ruck, I’ll use one of those. The RPC was really only something that allowed me to do CrossFit stuff. Since the main use for both (for me) is CrossFit, I’d prefer to have the weight vest. I like the weight distribution for workouts and, for better or worse, in a CrossFit gym, a vest looks more normal. For all of the above, I’d personally go with the vest.

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for the review. Quick question about wearing the Training Vest with 50 lbs. I have the 20 lb and 30 lb GoRuck plates and am switching them in and out of the Ruck Plate Carrier right now. What I notice is that when I go on rucks of 1-2 hours or more, wearing the 30 lb plate seems to dig into my shoulders over time. I was thinking of upgrading to the TV to wear both, but am concerned about the usability of it if the shoulder straps are similar. Have you rucked with +50lbs in the TV for multiple hours, and if so, does it cause any issues / do you have any concerns in this context.
    Thank you!

    1. I haven’t rucked in the TV with that much weight. I mostly use it at 20# for CrossFit stuff. I think that, potentially, the distributed weight would make it easier on the shoulders. Just a thought though. Sorry I’m not more help on that one.

  2. If I was looking at the vest or the RPC for under clothes which would work better? I’m basically looking for wearing under my clothes at work to get in a workout while working

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