GORUCK Training

HTL Training – Week 2

This is what I did during week 2 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 8
Rest Day
Notes: I didn’t intend to rest today, but schedules required it.

Thursday, June 2
3 Mile Ruck gps data
49 minutes 14 Seconds
16.25 avg pace
Ruck weight – 47#

Army Physical Fitness Test – APFT
48 push-ups
64 sit-ups
14:44 2 Mile Run gps data
Score: 251/300

2 Mile Ruck
35 minutes 24 seconds gps data
17:19 avg pace
Ruck weight – 47#

Notes: My push-ups suck but I have been super lazy on trying to improve them… not sure when I’ll get my act together… Legs felt really heavy on the APFT run. Was disappointed with my pace, as I thought it was faster during the run. Thankfully I was able to pull over a 250. Will retest this a couple times over the next 11 remaining weeks. Hoping to see improvement.

Friday, June 3

Notes: Injury, sickness, and work have teamed up against me. Don’t they know I’m training for an HTL?!?!

Saturday, June 4

Notes: Frustration level 1,000,000. The only thing I can take out of this is a lesson in mental toughness. Things aren’t going to go as planned, so how do you adapt? Clearly, judging by my crappy attitude, I don’t adapt well. Planning to go see a medical doc early next week and have an appointment with a witch doctor Tuesday evening.

Sunday, June 5

: Grumpy. Still in pain. Basically everything from my neck, through, my shoulder, down my arm, to my pinky finger has varying degrees of soreness and/or acute pain. Spent most of the day reading Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration. An entire book of DFQ.

Monday, June 6

Notes: Went to doc. Not much help. Only “firm” info I got was that my finger wasn’t broken and that my other pain “may” be virus related. So… just wait and see. I have no idea what that means. In my head, I’m out at least through the end of the week. But, we’ll see. In other news, I bought a new hat.

Tuesday, June 7

Notes: Generally, my overall pain has decreased. Virus seems to be on the way out. Once that clears up, it will be interesting to see if shoulder and arm pain get better. Really hope so. Optimistically, I’m hoping I can do a light weight ruck on Friday (as opposed to the 20 mile overnighter I had planned). Here’s hoping that week 3 is better than week 2!

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