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How to Make a Patch Hat From Almost Any Hat

I have a couple hats that I really like, but they aren’t “Patch Hats.” This quick and easy hack will help you make almost any hat into a patch hat.

  1. Make sure the logo/design on your hat is patch sized
    Simply take a patch and hold it over the logo. If it covers it, you’re good to go. Note: If the logo is slightly larger, you can sometimes fudge it (as is the case with my example hat).
  2. Buy Industrial Velcro
    You can get it online here.
    File_000 (1)
  3. Cut Velcro to cover logo and stick it on.
  4. Attach patch of choice.

  5. Optional Sharpie “Touch up.”
    You’ll notice that the NF logo stitching was slightly larger than the Velcro and resulted in a silver strip above and below my Velcro. As soon as I can find my Sharpie, I’ll just black the silver out and be all good.

Here’s my other “self-made” patch hat.

File_000 (2)

The Velcro hold really well. I wear the above hat all the time in training and on events. Never lots a patch. “industrial” seems to live up to its name.

Oh, and you like that RVA GRT patch, huh? There’s more where that came from. Check’em out here.

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