I Registered for My First GORUCK HTL

I’ve talked about it for months. It has existed in theory. I even started training for my first GORUCK HTL.

But, today, shit just got real.

Thanks to GORUCK’s Father’s Day sale, it was time to commit and, honestly, I was scared. I put the events in my cart and just stared at them. In fact, I even abandoned the cart. I went home for dinner and told my wife about the coupon and confessed that I was scared. Can I really do this?

This morning, still not registered, I went to the gym. While stretching, I looked at the “goals board” and saw that my wife had added something next to my name… “Sign up for HTL.”

Man, what a wife!

So, I got home from the gym and signed up. I’m still scared, but it has awoken something in me as it relates to my training. I now feel the weight of putting my full effort in to the next 3 months. My money is officially where my mouth is and it is time to get to work.


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