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Launching Ruck.Training

Ruck.Beer exists because every time I went out for a ruck, I found myself thinking about articles I wanted to write about rucking.

Ruck.World exists because after I built Ruck.Beer, every time I went out for a ruck, I found myself thinking about satire articles to write about the weird world of GORUCK.

This week, another “every time I went for a ruck” idea was launched: Ruck.Training.

This project has been marinating in my mind for a long time. The biggest reason I haven’t launched it before now is that I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted to put it together: an e-book, a subscription service, an email list, etc.  I would start down one path, get overwhelmed, and then scrap it.

Finally, I realized that I had to pull the trigger on something or else I’d never do anything.


So, I decided to start stage 1 of Ruck.Training as a simple collection of free daily GORUCK training posts. One training post per day that can be used by anyone whether they are training for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, or Light. I’d post the workouts on Twitter and Facebook for anyone looking for training ideas.

Currently, my goal is to build a nice collection of GORUCK training workouts built around my general ruck training framework. Then, I will begin working on stage 2 of the site by creating a specific guide that ruckers can access that gives a comprehensive ruck training program.

Maybe it will be useful for you or someone you know looking to train. Maybe not. But, at least I will be able to go for a ruck and not have to think about this project anymore.

If you have any thoughts or input, feel free to drop it in the comments below.

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