Rucking Roundup – October 4, 2019

Here is the latest Rucking news and updates that we know about. If we missed anything, sound off in the comments.

Worth Reading

Gear News

  • The first non-black rucks from Vietnam are on the site. The 20L Rucker comes in some colors like Midnight Navy and Hunter Green.
  • Men’s & Women’s Grid Fleece + MACV-1 8″ workshop items are only available for pre-order through Sunday, October 6th at midnight PST. Don’t forget to use code WORKSHOP for a 20% pre-order discount.
  • BHP1 (Bomber Hip Pack 1) – Latest we’ve heard is that the patterns have been sent out. Guess that means that production is starting soon?
  • One rucker on Reddit speculates, based on a tag, that Rucking Shirts with pockets are coming.


Did we miss anything this week? Sound off in the comments below.

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