Rucking Roundup – February 15, 2021

Happy Monday, ruckers. Here’s some stuff we’ve seen floating around the rucking world the past couple weeks.

Gear News

Worth Reading

We’ve put out a few reviews and posts since the last Rucking Roundup. In case you missed them, here are some you may want to check out.

Heard Through the Grapevine


  • In case you missed it in our last update, The Rucking Collective launched a new site, This free site posts a new ruck workout every day. Follow it daily, cherry pick a WOD to do with your ruck club, or just check it out for ideas to make your own workouts. Hope y’all like it.

February Challenges

I’m sure I missed some stuff. Anything else out there I missed in the last month? If so, sound off in the comments.


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