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Team Ninja Santa Ruck Virtual Light

If you’re looking for a way to get in the Holiday spirit, Team Ninja has you covered. And, by you, I mean you and some friends. Like, your local Ruck Club.

While Team Ninja is hosting 10 different Santa Rucks around the United States, they didn’t want to leave anyone out. So, they launched the Santa Ruck Virtual Light.

Registration is $75 for adults and $15 for kids. Proceeds from the event benefit Riley Children’s Hospital.

Registration includes a swag bag that will be mailed out to you.

You can schedule the event to be done on a date that works for you and your local ruck club.

But, remember, this is a themed event, so dress up, get festive, and have fun.

For the even you will need to:

Ruck 1.5 miles

Complete the following exercises while wearing a ruck:
5 rounds of
20 4ct flutter kicks
20 4ct little man jumping jacks
20 man makers
20 meters of “beep-beep I’m a jeep-jeep. Clank-clank I’m a tank-tank”

4 rounds of
Bring Sally Up followed by 100m run
Round 1 – Squats
Round 2 – Pushups
Round 3 – Leg lifts
Round 4 – Ruck rollers

Then, video yourself in festive attire singing (to the best of your ability) “You’re a mean one, Mr.  Grinch”. Bonus points if you do it with 80s hair band or 80s hip-hop twist. Post and tag #santaruck #virtualsantaruck

Ruck 1.5 miles

Bonus Points

Team Ninja didn’t add this, but go ahead and think of something cool you can do for your community. Maybe collect some food for a food shelter or collect coats for the homeless. Lots of ideas out there, so get creative and add a service component to this fun event.

So, who is in? Sound off in the comments if you or your Ruck Club are going to host a virtual Santa Light in your town.


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