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Best Headlamp for GORUCK

If you’re doing a GORUCK event, you’re going to need a headlamp. If you don’t have a headlamp, how else are you going to blind your fellow teammates when you talk to them at 2 AM?

So, what headlamp is the best?

Well, I’ve let my opinion be known on the best headlamp, but if for some reason you want a second opinion we asked our readers to weigh in on the subject.   In our early 2017 “Best of Rucking” survey, here’s what our readers had to say.

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#1 Black Diamond

Apparently, the readers have not taken my headlamp advice. Instead, they have flocked to the Black Diamond Spot and Storm in droves. It could be that the main reason these get some many votes is because these two headlamps are the ones for sale on In fact, the Spot and Storm were the runaway winner of this poll with other lamps not even coming close. So, if you want to follow the masses, the Storm and Spot is the way to go.

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#2 Any Cheap One

The second most voted for headlamp was “any cheap one.” It would seem that there are a number of ruckers that have decided that their headlamp is most likely going to get broken or lost, so why invest $40+/- on it. If you’re looking for a headlamp for GORUCK, then save the coin and just pick up a cheap one online.

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#3 Petzl

While most of the Petzl voters weren’t helpful enough to write in the model, Tikkana did pop up a few times. So, I’ll just assume that’s the one that the voters intended for you to buy.

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So, what do you think? What’s your favorite lamp and why? Sound off in the comment section below.

4 Replies to Best Headlamp for GORUCK

  1. I always found it interesting the Tikkina was so popular… possibly because GORUCK used to sell them as well? They’re not water proof and I’ve had every single one I’ve bought either corrode or break after an event :-/

    The PrincetonTec EOS never seems to appear on lists either but it seems like the perfect alternative to the Tikkina. The EOS is made in the USA, waterproof, and priced the same as the Tikkina…

    1. Yeah, I suspect the fact that GORUCK sells the BD (and used to sell Petzl) is a big factor in this kind of thing. Good point on the Petzl not being waterproof. That’s bad news.

      1. I wrote a review on the Petzl almost 4 years ago and was dumb and didn’t take pictures of it before the event. Here it is after one event…

        Image 1
        Image 2

        I should probably buy another one just to retake the pictures but I hate those dang things haha.

  2. I have found the Olight H04 Active and H05 Active to be extremely reliable.
    Easy to use. White and Red LED’s
    IPX4 waterproof and inexpensive for a little powerhouse light.
    Amazon has the H04 for $9.95

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