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GORUCK Kydex Frame Sheet Upgrade Instructions

Simply the best quick and easy upgrade you can make to your ruck. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own frame sheet. But, first, why make this upgrade?

Here’s a quick image to show the difference between the standard GORUCK Frame Sheet (white) and the Kydex Upgrade (black).


Step 1 – Get Your Supplies

Note – This upgrade took me 30 minutes +/-.


  1. KYDEX V Sheet – 0.118″ Thick, Black, 12” x 24” (I forgot to take a picture of the sheet.)
  2. Sharpie
  3. Snips – Note: People ask if they can use a Dremel or utility knife. Personally, I’ve never tried, but if they cut, I assume they’d work. 
  4. Clamps
  5. Medium Sandpaper
  6. Sanding Sponge (or any type of block)

Step 2 – Remove the current frame sheet.

Open the laptop compartment of your GORUCK GR1 and unhook the Velcro seal of the frame sheet. Reach in and pull our the frame sheet.



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Step 3 – Trace the frame sheet onto the Kydex sheet

Use the clamps to ensure that the sheet doesn’t move or shift as you trace.


Step 4 – Begin cutting the sheet.

A couple tips for cutting:

  1. Cut just inside your outline. Cutting “on” the line will result in slightly larger sheet than the original.
  2. The frame is hard and doesn’t bend well. I’ve found “chipping” away pieces helps.
  3. Don’t worry about slightly rough edges, we’ll smooth those out later.





Step 5 – Smooth out the Edges

Take your sandpaper and sand sponge and file down all the edges.




Step 6 – Insert the new frame sheet into your ruck.

This is a HUGE pain in the ass. And, I mean huge. As you work to put in the new Kydex frame sheet you will quickly understand why GORUCK uses the cheap thin plastic sheet by default.

I don’t have any real tips for this step except that once you get the sheet to start going in, just alternate pressure to the right and left side to slowly ease it in.

Let me reiterate, this is a pain in the ass.


Step 7 – Enjoy the amazing support and awesomeness.

It is like a whole new ruck.


Mod your ruck at your own risk. You could easily rip the frame sheet case trying to insert the Kydex sheet and SCARS doesn’t cover stupid.

Also, if you ever have to send your ruck into SCARS for a repair, you are required to remove the Kydex sheet.

Why I did this mod?

I carry my ruck plate in my laptop compartment on top of a cut down yoga block to get it higher (image below). I found when I did this that the ruck plate had the tendency to “bend” the ruck at the junction of the plate and the yoga block. It drove me crazy. Adding the Kydex sheet completely solved the problem and, honestly, made my ruck exponentially more comfortable.


Got Questions?

Drop them below and I’ll see what I can do to help.

AD - Save $30 on Whoop 3.0 and get the data you need to improve your rucking!

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