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Best Shoes/Boots for GORUCK

What are the best shoes or boots for rucking? That’s the question we posed to our readers in early 2017 with our first annual “Best of Rucking” survey.

Below are the top three shoes/boots recommended by our readers, especially for those looking to complete a GORUCK Light, Tough, or Heavy.

NOTE: GORUCK has officially launched its own rucking boot, the MACV-1 which looks to be a serious contender for best rucking shoe/boot. Check it out.

#1 – Salomons

The contest wasn’t even close. Salomons won by a long shot, getting 4 times more recommendations than their closest competition. Salomon XA Pro 3d were named most frequently with other Salomon X series shoes as well.


Best rucking shoe according to readers. Click to shop for Salomon XA Pro 3D.


#2 – Moab Ventilators

While not as popular as the Solomons, the Moab Ventilators came in second place in our voting. As the name indicates, they have a lot of ventilation which is not only good for keeping your feet cool, but it makes for great drainage whenever your feet get wet.

The Moab Ventilators are a great rucking shoe. Click to shop for a pair.


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#3 – Rocky C4T or 5C5

While the vast majority of shoes recommended are shoes, Rockey did manage to crack the top 3 with just a few less votes than the Moabs above. If you’re considering boots over shoes, it would appear our readers would point you in the direction of either the Rocky C4T or the Rockey C5C.

Looking for rucking boots? Shop for a pair of Rocky.


Honorable Mention

A common theme in the survey results is that shoes are a great way to go. Two other popular shoes in the survey were Brooks adrenaline and any Nike running shoe.

Notice any shoes/boots left out of our top 3 that should be included? What do you wear for your GORUCK Light, Tough, or Heavy? Let know in the comments below.


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