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Can You Take a Ruck Plate in Your Carry On?

The TSA has officially weighed in on this questions with a very clear, “probably not.”

While this isn’t a definitive “no,” it does support the general consensus of the GORUCK population that even if you get 1 TSA agent that lets it slide, the odd are that the next one will not.

So, best bet is to either toss it in your checked bag, or just go get some bricks or use random weights whenever you arrive at your destination.

3 Replies to Can You Take a Ruck Plate in Your Carry On?

  1. putting your ruck ate in you checked baggage makes perfect sense to avoid any problems. How ever having it in your carry on can lead to a possible issues depending on where you are at. As long as you tell them from the get go it houldn’t be a problem If its sent through by its self in the x ray machine. It just makes to much sense.

  2. This fall I flew through DIA and ONT, both times carrying on my ruck with a 40lb plate…TSA at ONT looked through my pack to see what it was but didn’t have any concerns, DIA didn’t say anything.

    1. And in true TSA fashion, they changed their mind again. I flew to FL last Wednesday and carried on my plate, on Sunday flying home I was told you couldn’t carry it on.

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