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Where Do I Get Custom Patches Made?

If you’re in the market to have some custom patches made, I highly recommend connecting with Logan at Rogue Dynamics.

When I launched Ruck.Beer I made a pretty cool logo and immediately thought it needed to be on a patch. I priced patches on a couple sites but had heard from multiple GRT that Logan was the man to talk to.

I messaged him on Facebook with the logo, letting know that I wanted to order 50 patches. We talked pricing and he was good to go.

Within a week he sent me an image of a rough production. I sent him some notes and questions. He made adjustments.

Within a week the patches were on my doorstep.

Logan was great with communication during the whole process and totally under-promised and over-delivered.

If you’re in the market for custom patches, Logan is your man. Well, at least he’s Ruck.Beer’s man and we recommend him wholeheartedly.

NOTE – Want one of our sweet patches? We give some away every month to people who sign up for our newsletter. So, do that.

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  1. Hey Ryan, I sent Logan a message about custom patches which he has not read yet. I’m assuming this is because Facebook put my message in the “requests” bin which does not generate a standard Notification. His page won’t allow me to send him a friend request so I’m SOL there as well. Any chance you can nudge him to check the requests bin. I’m trying to give this guy my money! Thanks!

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