Rucking Roundup – Sept 12, 2019

Here is the latest Rucking news and updates that we know about. If we missed anything, sound off in the comments.

Worth Reading

Gear News

  • Probably the biggest news of the week was the pre-order release of the new GORUCK low-top rucking shoes, branded the I/O Cross Trainers. The page was actually taken down for a couple days and reappeared shortly before this post went live. The biggest change we can see is that the optional embossing of the flag has changed from vertical to horizontal.
  • USA made GR3 was released in the steel colorway.
  • GORUCK released the 10lb Ruck Sandbags that we saw during the CrossFit Games. They come in 3 packs and are just really cute tiny sandbags.
  • Potential new footware product in development? At the very end of this week’s GORUCK Show, Lee McCarthy was answering a question about wheter the new I/O Trainers were good for CrossFit. He replied that they would be good for most things and then mentioned that they wouldn’t be good for something like rope climbs and then he said, “but, I think we might be working on something for that.” It was just a statement in passing, but it grabbed my attention. Could GORUCK be working on an even more “CrossFittish” training shoe?


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