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GORUCK Bullet Rucker Review

New to the GORUCK Rucker lineup is the “Bullet” Rucker, available in the 15L and 10L variety. With many of the features common to the Rucker 4.0 (full review here), the Bullet Rucker trims down the size and offers a nice, small bag for rucking.

Full GORUCK Bullet Rucker Video Review

What Makes This a “Rucker”?

Despite its smaller size offerings, the Bullet Rucker has many of the standard features you’ll find on the Rucker 4.0.

As with all Rucker 4.0, there is a reflective slash on the front but no front slash pocket.

The Bullet Rucker has top and bottom handles, but unlike the Rucker 4.0, there are no side handles.

On the bottom you’ll find drain holes (great for taking a dip in any available body of water).

The backing is 210d Cordura and has the added lumbar support.

A big difference between the Rucker 4.0 and the Bullet Rucker is that the shoulder straps are about .5″ more narrow on the Bullet Rucker. For some, this is a feature. For others, it is a flaw. It really is a personal preference, though I’d note that when I rucked with 45# in the Bullet Rucker, I did miss the wider straps.

On the interior the pockets are Velcro (no zippers) and the weight pocket does not have any additional storage pouch on it.

What Weight Plates Fit in the Bullet Rucker?

If you go with the 15l Bullet Rucker, the good news is that ALL weights fit, including the 45# monster plate.

That said, with the 15L, if you go with the longer plates, you will have some dead space to the right and left of the plate. And, if you go with the traditional plate you will have some dead space vertically in the pocket. The solution in both cases is to chop up a yoga block to fill the space. Less than ideal, but it does mean that you have a pocket that can fit every plate.

I’d note that the Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weights all fit PERFECTLY in the space. You can see our full review of them here.

If you’re grabbing the 10L Bullet Rucker, the only plate that officially fits is the 20# long plate (though, technically, you could toss the 10# plate in there).

Can the Bullet Rucker by an EDC and Rucking Bag?

You can do whatever you want.

But, yes, I think it can work. The only caveat is that if you ruck in the bag, eventually your stinky sweat will seep into the bag and you’ll need to deal with it.

The Plate pocket does eat up some space, but it can easily be reclaimed as a laptop, ipad, or book/folder pocket.

My Two Cents?

The 15L Bullet Rucker is a great ruck. If you want something smaller than the perfectly sized 20L Rucker, this is a solid bag. I think it is ruck and event ready and could be an EDC crossover if you wanted to go that route.

I currently don’t have a 10L Bullet Rucker to review, but my experience with the traditional 10L is that it is very limited in its use (cause of the shape and size). But, if you want a small bag for lighter (20#) rucks that can accommodate weight and water (plus a couple cliff bars), then the 10L may be perfect for you.

Got any question about the GORUCK Bullet Rucker? Sound off in the comments below. Any, if you like our work, do us a favor and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  1. Hello

    I enjoyed the video and would like to purchase this goruck bullet Rucker, but I cannot find it anywhere. On the GoRuck website they don’t even list it as an option, they only have the original goruck bullet with no lumbar support and no weight plate sleeve. So I’m how do I get my hands on the backpack that was reviewed here?? Please advise, greatly appreciated.

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