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Rucker 3.0 from GORUCK – What We (Think) We Know

Update: The Rucker 3.0 has been released! Check out our Rucker 3.0 Review with a full review video included.

The GORUCK Rucker is known as “The Gym on Your Back” for its ability to provide a great ruck for getting miles, as well as being built for you to stop at any point for a great ruck-inspired workout.

Rucker 1.0 and 2.0 have fast become the go-to ruck for people training for and participating in GORUCK events.

This October (we think) GORUCK will be releasing version 3.0 of the Rucker and it (we think) will be a significant upgrade.

Here’s what we (think) we know:

  • Reflective strip under the front zipper – This first appeared on the Speed Ruck and had a pretty good reception. As best we know, all versions of the 3.0 will have this feature.
  • Handles – The reports here are a little fuzzy. Some seem to indicate 4 handles will be the standard. Though, some of us (me) are hoping that 2 is the norm with an option for sides if you want them… but, if I were a betting man, I’d bet on 4.
  • Drain holes – It makes sense that these would be standard. People love them and if this is truly being built as the ultimate event bag, then these would make sense.
  • THE BIG ONE: Less abrasive material on ruck straps and back panel – The rumor on this is that Jason ran 6-miles shirtless with the Rucker 3.0 and had no problems. Well, that’s certainly something you can’t do with any other GORUCK bag.
  • USA vs Import – Word on the street is that it will be imported. This is in line with what Jason has generally said about production going forward. Some stuff still gets made in the US, but usually smaller batch stuff. This will be mass production, so makes sense that it will be from Vietnam.
  • Sternum Strap & Hip Belt – Jason indicated in some Instagram comments that it will come with removable sternum strap and removable hip belt. There is at least one pic below showing a hip-belt (or at least some of one).
  • Price – Jason has said that it will cost more than previous versions of the Rucker. With all the added upgrades, this makes sense. If I were to take a complete stab in the dark, I’d put it in the $300’s. But, that’s totally just a guess.
  • Colors – We’ve seen black, black with colored molle, and black multicam. Not to say any of those (except black) will be available. But, with the lack of colors in all rucks recently, hopefully, we’ll see some cool colors in the release. I’d also note that the Black/Red combo is ALL OVER, so I’d assume that one will be for sale at the start.
  • Release Date – Word on the street is some time in October.

My Big Questions

First, what is the configuration for the plate holder? Will be like V1, V2, or some new version? As noted above, Jason supposedly went on a run with a 45# plate, so one could assume that whatever it is, it can fit the big one. I’ll be interested to see this,

Second, and for me most important, what is the status of the framesheet? As you may know, I do not like the framesheet in the Rucker 2.0. For me, it makes that ruck almost unusable unless it is fully packed. For my GR1, I performed the common framesheet replacement and it made a night-and-day difference in performance. I really hope that the framesheet is improved or… maybe… just maybe… it might have the ability to switch it out like in the GR1 (that would be amazing).

Pictures of Rucker 3.0

First, those sandbags are hideous (my 2 cents). In the back, you’ll see 3 Rucker 3.0. Hard to tell much besides the webbing colors, drain holes, and the reflective stripe.

Selection Finisher Doug Scherwin posted a great pic of the Multicam version while at Team Assessment. Oh, and YOU ARE GONNA WANT to click the little arrow below to see his second picture. It offers the first look at the “new material.”

Dayton Area Rucking Crew gave us this beauty.

All the shots below I grabbed these from the GORUCK website.


I’m pretty excited. I’ll be picking one up when they launch. What about you? What do you like about what you see? What do you dislike? What is a “must have” for you to pull the trigger? Sound off in the comments below.

Oh, and bookmark this page on and just hit refresh until the 3.0 appears.

UPDATE – Release Date

We now know that the Rucker 3.0 (and the Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0) will both launch on October 22, 2020. Info came from an Instagram Story on Jason’s page.

4 Replies to Rucker 3.0 from GORUCK – What We (Think) We Know

  1. Jason was using the 3.0 for the 10 Year Anniversary Tough in SF. I got to check it out quite a bit as well as ask a few questions. I have the same issue with the frame sheet in the 2.0, and you’ll be happy to hear that 3.0 has a thicker frame sheet that extends all the way to the bottom corners. Looking forward to the 3.0 and will likely be picking one up as soon as they become available.

  2. I’m with you on the framesheet. I’ve been using the old standard 30 lb plate in the elastic pocket instead. I gotta have that Mutlicam Black – that looks awesome!

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