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GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 Review – Ongoing and Updated

After releasing the Ruck Plate Carrier 1.0, GORUCK (in a quicker than normal fashion) released a much improved GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 version.

Below is our review, including video, which we will update over time.

Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 Review Video

Here is a video we shot which covers an overview of the Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0, improvements from v1.0, and performance review after running and working out in the carrier.

Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 Review Thoughts

For the tl;dr crowd, the GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 is great. Buy with confidence.

If you have any experience with the GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 1.0, the 2.0 is a significant improvement and may even be worth considering the upgrade if you have the cash.

At $95, the price point is great for this piece of gear.

What makes the GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 really stand out is the addition of the 210d HT CORDURA® to the back and interior of the shoulder straps. Where the 1000D CORDURA® in the 1.0 really “grabbed” your clothes and, for me, caused my shirt to ride up in the back, the 210d HT is slick and I never experienced and “grabbing” of my shirt. In addition, the 210d HT makes it possible to run and workout with your shirt off. This was an uncomfortable proposition with the 1.0.

In addition to the 210d HT, GORUCK has resolved the hard fabric that dug into your back in version 1.0 and upgraded it with a small padded lumbar support.

In running and working out, the lumbar support was somewhat noticeable, but not in a bad way. I’m not sure if it is truly needed, but I think it is a nice addition.

As of this initial review, I have only done one run (a mile) and a short pull-up, push-up, and air-squat workout. In all movements, the GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 performed really well.

In all, I really like this piece of gear. It is a great addition for me in the gym when a workout calls for adding to your bodyweight.

Questions about the Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0?

Got any questions about the Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer them.

“Do The Work” patches available here.

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